Friday, 21 September 2012

Hiding in wait

Sparrows banging on the patio doors normally means only one thing. Hawk in the garden. I was one the phone at the time and arrived at the back window to find said bird on the kitchen roof loking a bit wet and bedraggled having a biref preen. I finished the call and struggled to extract the camera from its bag and as I lifted it to my eye.........the bird flew down into the jungle that is my garden. There it waited...........
In line with current blogs its a 'Spot the Sprawk' competition. Over the last few months visits have been few as the Swallows normally give advance warning of the birds approach but shortly it will only be the Jackdaws on guard and they have a habit of leaving en masse to do what they do communally. Eventualy I opened the window and it flew to a nearby tree where after a brief wait it resumed the chase encouraged by a couple of squabbling Meadow Pipits that flew by.
Also in the garden a Chiffchaff was fly catching. I would normally call warblers in my garden Willow as they are the predominant bird in the area by over 10:1 however given the time of year and that I had the benefit of a bird singing earlier in the week I concluded this was a Chiff the darker legs tending to support that assumption.

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