Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bonx seat

Sitting in the hide at Cresswell trying to avoid the wind things were looking a bit bleak when a dark shadow passed overhead. The Bonxie hovered briefly over the panicing Coot in front of the hide before side slipping away.
A couple of circuits of the pond being hassled by Crows and putting most things to flight it eventually returned and made a reasonably close fly by.
 Settling briefly to have a drink
 before skipping off back to the spit where it huddled up against the wind for the next half hour.
An unusual visitor now present for two weeks although the gentleman next to me said it had a swollen right eye perhaps making it stay for the easy Coot pickings. Good job all my shots were from the left.
Also present 50+ Barnacle Geese which didn't land, 4 Grey Plover, Greenshank, Little Stint (dodgy pic above) Long tailed Duck and a Peregrine fly by. Nice.

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