Thursday, 6 September 2012

Trick shot

Sorting through old shots trying to free up space on the old hard disc I came across this taken on 2nd June at the north end of Cresswell Pond. On first glance it appears to show a Meadow Pipit being taken by a raptor whose head is lost in the blur of action........but hang on. I would have remembered that when I got home the same batch of shots also having Marsh Harrier images and I can't recall any raptor that has black and white outer tail feathers.
Racking the old tired grey matter the only bird I could come up with is Skylark. Even worse headline........... MEADOW PIPIT KILLED BY GIANT SKYLARK.
So the conclusion. It can only be that the two birds paths crossed as I took the shot and the seemingly killer bite is just a trick of distance but why is the Skylarks head blurred when it's closer than the Pipit and the rest of the bird is in focus? Anybody out there have another theory other than me being an old blind git.

1 comment:

  1. Indeed a real lucky capture looks like the pipit's wing blur is also blurring the Skylark head !!
    Very interesting