Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bridges too far

Bellasis Bridge last night as the River Blyth took a shortcut across the Corncrake field and others.
The River Pont yesterday lunch time as the defences were breeched and Callerton Lane was flooded before the Fire Brigade pumped the water back. As a comparison to the 2008 flood when Ponteland escaped by a whisker, not even close. On that occasion  the water rose to within nine inches of the top of the flood wall! so all that greenery and the seat would be under water.
It may be that the water has been allowed to flood the Carr to save Ponteland and access was a bit tricky yesterday unless you had a 4 by 4.
The trusts new Cattle crush filled up nicely and the infamous hole which is just to the left in this shot didn't open up.
The dog walkers in Ponteland congregated on the footbridge all in a fluster as they couldn't get into the park to do their business.

and Waitrose car park was saved by a kerb. More so than a couple of my clients who live on Mitford Road in Morpeth. Beautiful bungalow, surroundings and view with Kingfishers and Herons as the neighbours but all lost again for the second time in four years. You've got to feel for them. Hopefully they had a bit more warning this time although I'm sure it doesn't make things that much better. Meanwhile the Environment Agency and the Council procrastinate.

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