Friday, 16 July 2010

Back in black

Was on my travels yesterday and noted a flock of Black headed gulls sheltering from the wind on Briar Dene car park. Turned the car around for a quick check and there was our old chum standing on the edge of the flock resplendent in summer plummage. This Med Gull has been noted wintering here for the last two years but must now be an adopted geordie and I assume followed the Black headed gulls to their breeding grounds in search of a similar mate. I posted a winter picture in January (begging for Bread) and was last noted at Briar Dene by Birdguides in March, it's probably the same bird found at Swallow Pond on the 11th of this month.
Good news from Whittle Dene where two Common Terns have fledged from the raft. After last years debacle when all six chicks were lost it's nice to see results from this man made encouragement.

Come on son this is how you do it.

O.K. Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad.........

Plenty of juvenile Pied Wagtails showing off in front of the hide but no sign of the Great Crested Grebes breeding.


  1. Yes a brief moment. Guess I was editing when you couldn't find it. Shortly after some old git in a Peugeot ( why are Peugeot drivers such twats) put the flock to flight. Understand you have similar problems on your patch!