Monday, 12 July 2010

One week on

Well its a week since I last attended the altar of blog and I guess I could say I have been to exotic foreign climes photographing rare and wonderful species or watching some of the dullest football matches ever staged in South Africa or playing hunt the nutter around the Cheviot hills. No none of those are correct. I've been stuck at home working, getting more and more depressed as the wind blew and excursions, never mind photographic ones, were few and far between. Even the weekend was sacrificed to getting the job done although thankfully the job was at Ashington so when things finished it was off up the coast. More depression though as I missed the three Spoonbills on both days and most other birds of note. Some good momments were had from the limited time possible such as young Swallows at Alnmouth.

The Partridge family starred at Boulmer

Backed up by Eider families aplenty at Boulmer Steel. Looks like it's been a good season for them.

Sand Martins feeding in the teeth of a gale at Druridge Pools

And a nice Common Sandpiper just dropped by to say hello.

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