Monday, 26 July 2010

Big bird 747 and a Dragon

No don't worry the Prestwick Carr list hasn't suddenly lept to such impossible figures. To mark the 75th anniversary of Newcastle Airport the morning shuttle was a 747 and carried some VIP's who toured the airport watching an emergency fire display and then went to the top of the control tower as a De Havilland Dragon Rapide landed at noon to mark the exact time the airport opened.

Now for those scared of flying look away. Compare the two pictures below as the jumbo landed and notice the amount of flex in the wings.....spectacular.

Apparently it's when the wings don't flex you need to worry. You only realise how small Newcastle Airport is when these monsters visit as they can hardly get their outer engines over the runway. Anyway, after an inspection of the Rapide the Vips and passengers boarded the jumbo for a trip back to the smoke.

The Emirates 777 (?) also tried to get in on the action. You could drive your car through those engines.

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