Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dene Tern

Managed to have a look around Whittle Dene on my way to a meeting yesterday. A very obliging Common Tern posed for me next to the road although I was in danger of being run over by some old geezer who insisted on parking where I was standing. Notice the bird is ringed but unfortunately my digital image is not so clear as to read it although the join is facing you so doubt I could have even with a super clear shot.

Plenty of Black headed gulls around too, one with a family of three youngsters in tow. Only one pair of Common Terns has nested this year with two quite well developed young on the raft yesterday although the diary in the hide tells tales of attacks by Heron, Sparrowhawk and an Otter with pups. The adult terns must be pretty good at repelling boarders and I notice not averse at having a go at Hadrians Wall walkers.

Spent some time attempting that Swallow shot again and noticed a pair feeding a nest under a bridge.

Eventually caught one in the act at Banks Pond later in the day but missed dozens. Anybody want pictures of splashes?

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