Sunday, 4 July 2010

Hobby hunt

On the basis of a Birdguides report yesterday morning I took a hike up the bridlepath from New Hartley to Holywell Pond in the hope of picking up a Hobby that had been reported. Little did I know that it was Crammy Birder who had been in on the action and that I'd left the house before a later report of three Little Egret came through. It was hot and there was plenty of aerial action in the form of planes on final approach to the airport and families of Swallows but no Hobby.

Hard work photographing birds when a cyclist zooms past every minute or so. I didn't realise it would be so busy but the birds just flew off and returned to wait for a feed. Further up the track at a patch of gorse a male Linnet was singing away. I've been trying for weeks to get a picture of a Prestwick Carr Linnet but they're just too flighty. The Holywell birds are obviously made of sterner stuff as he posed for some time while I buggered around with settings.

Perhaps he just couldn't believe how inept I was. Proceeded to the NWT hide where some crack was had with the incumbents regarding Hobby, Egrets, Common Honey Buzzards and the ID of a dragonfly in front of the hide. (Black tailed Skimmer was the conclusion). Now I had the return walk but visited the public hide where a Moorhen created some amusement by dashing a full twenty yards with a morsel for one of three young feeding on the mud.

A pleasant afternoon but subbuteo was scoreless and I regret no egretta.

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