Monday, 19 July 2010


Well the summer deluge appears to have started so I'm stuck here in front of the computator instead of my usual early evening sojourn to the wilds. Managed half an hour at Banks Pond this morning where two Emperors were flying, one of which had the good grace to land occasionally. Its wings appear worn but it certainly didn't effect the flight performance as it saw off it's rival.

Other dragons present were Common Darter (two coupled), Four Spotted Chaser and many damsels especially Emerald which I was attempting to photograph when I noticed a dark form perched on a reed. As I focused a Bluet flew past revealing the dark form to be Banded Demoiselle. My first at Banks but after that I couldn't re-locate it.

Called in at Killingworth Lake on my way to the post office where along with 135 Mute Swans a Crow had adopted a vulture hair cut.

Speaking of adoption does anybody recognise this Pigeon. It must have run out of puff in last weeks winds and possibly has an injury but has made itself at home on my next door neighbours roof.

Obviously well used to being handled, it comes down into their garden to be fed a variety of goodies and seems to use the local Jackdaws as a safety indicator. As a non homing bird it has written its own death warrant if returned to the true owner but I'm sure it will be well looked after next door as long as it can avoid the cats and Sparrowhawk!

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