Monday, 29 November 2010

I blame all of you!

For writing such interesting blogs. There I was at 7.55 having topped up the bird feeders and prepared some fatty morsels consisting of bird seed, sultanas and bread all soaked in lard. Dropped another pack of lard into the frying pan for the next batch put the kettle on to boil intending to return to prepare a cuppa and retired to my computer to brace myself for the days torment. Of course I had to check my e mail and thought I may as well see what blogs had been updated overnight....lots, as usual on a Sunday, so I perused for a moment.
There was a small crash from downstairs and then the fire alarm went off. I knew what I'd done in an instant and ran downstairs to find the back room half full of smoke. Dashed into the kitchen and there amidst the flames from the frying pan was the cover for the cooker hood extract which, despite being alight at either side was still working! Covered the pan with a damp tea towel and dowsed the flames with a pan of water. Then it's close the doors to as many rooms as possible and open all other windows and doors letting the arctic weather rip through.
Well, no serious damage other than the loss of a pan and hood extract and the need for some re-decoration,. Oh joy! I guess it could have been worse if not for the alarm.

Bumpy road......not half! O.k I don't really blame you. It is perfectly obvious there is only one numbskull and he's typing this ..............................


  1. Peter, that was a bit too close for comfort.

  2. Look on the bright side - your decent olive oil is unscathed!

  3. What a fright, Peter. Hope it's all repaired soon.