Saturday, 13 November 2010

Squacco heaven

Is a close quarter walk past which after one and a half hours waiting was worth every second. Following a count on Prestwick Carr this morning when a Swallow again put in an appearance, once up the bridleway and later over Prestwick Mill Farm, I headed up to Morpeth for a second shot at the Squacco Heron hoping for some flight shots in the sunny weather. I arrived and got plenty of distant views of the bird heading off downstream as myself and many others were left in its wake. We followed up to a point but I decided to stay put at a clearing in the trees ideal for a fly past and waited for the bird to return. After an interesting chat with James who left in persuit of the Great White Egret at Alnwick and further discussions with a Yorkshire birder whose name I don't know we noticed some waving from AdMc back down the path and it was clear the bird had taken a short cut back to the bridge. Returning upstream those on the bridge clearly had the bird in view on the bankside below us. I propped myself up against a tree and scanned the waters edge as a volley of camera shots rang out from the people in front of me. Then I saw it, almost glowing in the afternoon light and took these shots as it stalked the riverbank.

The bird continued up and down the south bank for the next hour offering occasional glimpses and some short flights but no further great opportunity in poor light conditions. It did however make one gentleman from Manchester very happy for making the journey and a local scum bag very angry because his bridge was cluttered up with birders.

Great advert for the people of Morpeth thanks Chris! (name obtained from the plaintiff wailings of his girlfriend as she attempted to control the nutter)


  1. Wished I had been there. If you know my line of work, me and 'Chris' could have become professional acquaintances!

  2. I might even have a ride across, Peter, to see if I can see it.

  3. Good to meet you today. I got the Egret with Stef McElwee, Chris Knox et al. I guess one of those BH gulls must have been the Squacco flying back, unless it flew over the Stanners? I put it out on birdguides when I saw it again on way back to car btw.