Friday, 5 November 2010


No 108 on the Prestwick Carr 2010 list in the form of four Whooper Swans flying over west this afternoon and a relief after missing out on this species earlier in the year. Also present 93 Greylag Geese which I hope roost overnight because its goose count tomorrow. The Carr is flooded again after the weeks deluge so they may do so or equally they may return to Big Waters which is almost certainly from whence they came.

Also pleased to meet PRM who just happens to be the goose count organiser but he was counting Pied Wagtails at the time. Plenty of those on the flood but for photography it was just so grey as indeed it has been all week.

Grey Heron on a grey background.

A grey Hercules as well along with other birds putting in a show were Willow Tit, Bullfinch, Lesser Redpoll, Yellowhammer, shaved leg Buzzard, and a decent tribe of Long tailed Tits.

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