Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Water twite

Was just reading Artur Morris' blog Birds as Art linked through fantastic Woodlark shots on Birding Sometimes and was wondering if I could euphemistically get away with calling these soft focus! In actual fact they were taken in one of the few moderately sunny moments yesterday at the dunes between Cresswell Pond and Druridge (generally known as Bells Farm). Unfortunately the little Twite was bathing and wouldn't keep still for my hand held fixed 600mm zoom and consequently lacking in focus. Nice bird though. Please do not enlarge.

Managed to get the splash in focus though. Eat your heart out David Hockney,


  1. Should have gone to Specsavers !

  2. The only time I saw Twites was in the same place as this one. It's nice to see a Twite again, Peter. I think they're all really nice pictures.

  3. Best spot in the county to pick up this bird even with duff vision. Generally a small flock present but close up views are rare hence the frustration at the pics! Better numbers generally occur on their return trip early next year when Snow and Lapland Buntings are distinct possibilities.