Friday, 19 November 2010


As the sun set on Preswtick Carr this evening only tones of grey and red were in evidence but plenty of action as birds went to roost. Three Mistle Thrushes battled with a dozen or more Fieldfares which later grew to about 150 as they headed for the central area.

Ninety six Jackdaws added to the cacophony as they made their way home from pinching the goats feed.

Meanwhile a Buzzard draped itself untidily in a tree and I missed another big bird that flew over Bills head. Will be out first thing for that maybe.

Two Swans splashed across the pond then lifted into the air as they headed south meanwhile a dozen or so Mallard circled cautiously while 14 Snipe dropped into the grassland nearby.

No Owls though no matter how much I long for one and worse still I was told of a road casualty near Ponteland earlier in the week. It's been one of those death and destruction weeks what with the Squacco and all.

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