Sunday, 22 May 2011

Bills and Martins

That's Spoony and Sandy up the coast yesterday. Four Spoonbills at Druridge Pools could not be resisted despite the lack of fuel in the car so I headed North quickly checking on the Avocets at Cresswell before joining the gathered throng at the Budge screen for a fine view of these handsome birds. Two slept and two fed whilst I swapped notes with ADMc but after an hour the wind chill was getting to me so I headed onward. East Chevington was scanned for Little Gull to no avail so further on to Hauxley where I spent an hour trying to capture Sand Martins in flight.

Then a return trip witnessing a Harrier food pass whilst stuffing my own face with Chopped Ham and Pickle Sarnies and a second visit to Druridge where the Spoobills were having a communal wash and brush up which was nice to see. The resulting photos were less than successful ( see Birding Sometimes for JM's quality shots) but all had a painted quality so I've added a bit of canvas grain to the Spoonbills to cover up a myriad of faults.

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