Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sitting tight

Bit of a panic at the weekend when I noticed the Canada Goose who's been on eggs for the last three weeks looked very still and the male bird normally close by in the pond was nowhere to be seen. I walked over as close to her island as I could and still there was no movement but her eyes appeared open. Now fears that she had been shot darted through my mind and despite walking round her twice she lay still. Then just as I was about to get the wellies out to wade over I noticed that her head was moving ever so slightly to keep me in vision. I retreated and waited for another five minutes before the bird eventually raised her head.

I know ducks sit tight but geese in my previous experience normally attack you. Perhaps she's learnt its better to play the dummy which may be prudent as there is a Fox track just yards away.

Lots of warblers singing and many mating. This was some wing flicking I presume as a prelude to copulation.

More Whitethroats present than in previous years with a count of 30+ over 2km at the weekend and a second Lesser Whitethroat passed through as I hunted for a possible Red Kite that had been seen being mobbed near the Airport. No joy though for that elusive record on my patch.

Yesterday evening saw the arrival of Swifts over Prestwick Carr and a friend took me to a Buzzards nest he'd located just 2km from Kingston Park and the start of Newcastles urban sprawl. The female flew the nest as I approached but soared with her calling partner as we retreated back to the main road. Will keep an eye out to see if breeding is succesful.

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