Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mind the gape

The first broods of spuggies have emerged over the last few days and make the garden a constant frenzy of activity taking over from the Starlings that emerged over the weekend.

It doesn't take them long to arrive on the kitchen roof where they soon learn to start pecking at the seed put out rather than wait for Mum or Dad.

The young Dunnocks are about a week old now and appear virtually independant already.

Whilst the Starling flock comes and goes as youngsters chase parents back and forth to the fields at the rear of the house.

Unfortunately there is the inevitable casualty. Probably a window strike from the location although I wouldn't put it past the Magpies who are determined to get some plunder. The corpse was gone within fifteen minutes so re-cycling at its most efficient in the bird world.

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  1. I have had two lots of Hedge Sparrows this year. I saw my very first House Sparrow here in east central Newcastle this year having lived in the area since late 1990s. I believe it (a male) has now left. No starlings now; last pair nested c. 2005. Commonest street bird in this locality is the Goldfinch; I have seen old nests in trees outside the new Debenham's store on Newgate Street.