Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Red eye

I've got those after a good dose of the screaming abdabs Monday night! Dad was in hospital last week for a day after a minor turn and discharged by the weekend as one would expect these days only to develop the sickness by Sunday from which I duly contracted the same and after a 24 hour incubation there it floweth. What's the point of going to hospital if you come out with more than you went in with?

Anyway a sleepless night during which I was most impressed by an Oystercatcher bleep bleeping overhead at 3.50 which prompted my Spuggies to commence a chirp in. I can think of a few bleeps I could add particularly as everything is getting fed except me. Juvenile Collared Dove is hanging round the rear nest site hoping for the adult to feed it although the pair seem more interested in begetting the next offspring.

Front garden Collared Dove is back on her craptastic nest...........

and the Dunnocks have done it again for a second year. There's a nest somewhere but I'm buggered if I can find it.

A pair of Blue Tits started feeding the nest box brood this week and there's at least three broods of House Sparrow in boxes and two in trees. Both front garden trees have Jackdaw broods and there's one in the chimney as usual.

Two broods of Starlings one in the back eaves which is a nest used for the last six years and one in the gable used the last three years ( I really should repair it as it flaps about in the wind). One Blackbird nest lost to Magpies again and a possible Greenfinch in the front tree.
So, plenty of noise and everything is rosy in the garden if not in the cheeks.

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