Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Catching the moment

Ducked under the ash cloud yesterday and went up the coast where it was a might windy but everything just seemed to be getting on with it despite the conditions. At the entrance to Cresswell this Stonechat was carrying food to a nest hidden in the grassland.

Arrived in the hide to be advised I'd just missed a Spoonbill and that a Crane had been reported overhead. Saw neither but on the pond there were good numbers of Gadwall and the Avocets had increased to six. It is hoped that the first Northumbrian Avocets will be hatching shortly and a sand spattered Mum sat tight whilst the wind and occasional rain shower tore around her. How this pair have protected the nest in such an exposed location beats me and you must fear for the young. Dad was nearby and was up and at Heron, Shelduck, Gull or Jackdaw as they passed.

Was joined in the hide by some ladies who lunched and then Sedgedunum Warbler turned up and we had a long chat whilst taking in the action. There was a sudden squall and four Black tailed Godwits appeared in flight only to disappear into the distance. JK left to be replaced some minutes later by the three Musketteers (JSB/EC/JC for those in the know) on one of their regular county circumnavigations. Info was exchanged and as the hide filled with folk I headed up to Druridge where the Spoonbill (just the one) and male Garganey were both showing at a distance.

The wind dropped momentarily and I remembered why I love this coast so much. The whole of the bay to myself...............not even a dogwalker in sight..........bliss

Then on to Hauxley in search of the reported Little Egret but just Geese, Shelduck and Redshank were showing joined briefly by this Common Tern who caught its tea with just the one attempt.

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  1. Always enjoyable bumping into your good self. Managed a single Spoonbill at Druridge.