Thursday, 19 May 2011

Killy & Byker

Meetings in the east of Newcastle today so stopped off at Killingworth Lake for lunch on the way down forgetting that South Gosforth Fisheries had burnt down last week. Anyway, hungry I did a lap of the lake and was surprised to hear a singing Reed Warbler on the south bank next to the fishing stands. Despite the minimal stand of reeds it studiously failed to show itself so I aimed at easier targets of freshly hatched Coots still on the nest with mum. Nearby Dad was collecting food and seeing off any Tufties that came close. The Great Creasted Grebe pair were feeding their two youngsters now well established and likely to survive which is more than can be said for the prospects of this duck egg.

Is that mine?

Why she laid it here beats me. People and dogs within feet either side and no cover whatsoever. Maybe she got caught short or possibly just hopelessly optimistic.

Setting off again I noticed a plume of smoke in the sky and arriving in a gridlocked Byker, found the cause. Shepherds Scrapyard was well ablaze so I watched for a while taking the opportunity to get some shots.

It's always nice when you can tell a story with the image and helpful graphics.

Even from 150m the heat was noticable and the fire service had their work cut out to protect the adjacent building. Fortunately the wind was in their favour but had it been otherwise the situation would have been a whole lot worse.

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