Saturday, 7 May 2011

Driving range

Up at 5.00 to get up to do my first Breeding Bird Survey Count at Longwitton starting at 6.00 which included an extra hour and three times the walk so I could also get full Atlas coverage thus by 9.00 I was wet and worn. Delivered some record cards to County Recorder Tim Dean in Rothbury then headed out into the wilds.

Lambs were everywhere so I knew the ranges at Otterburn would be open and took the single track road up from Alwinton to the Chew Green access and got the camera out for some car based sniping. Most common were Meadow Pipits who nearly always posed.

Then Skylarks ever present but not always so keen to come to post. This one was having an argument with his neighbour so wasn't worried about Astra man.

Probably a dozen or so Wheatears. Tended to move with the car but can't always resist a good rock on which to perch.

Then emerging at Holystone a Tree Pipit was displaying just near the road but just far enough so my shots were all silhouettes however Photoshop rescued this much enlarged image.

Other than that a couple of Buzzards, Crows and a pair of Canada Geese on one of the few ponds up there.

Birding by car, totally contrary to any sensible effort to protect the environment but I never saw another soul and enjoyed every moment.

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