Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Blank holiday weekend

Out and about but not much around and no decent shots taken. Peaked early on Friday afternoon watching the male Marsh Harrier hunting and killing in the distance at Druridge.

Saturday mornings Prestwick Carr count was low and interupted by bodilly malfuncution. Up the coast on Satuday afternoon but no sightings other than the County Recorder and his good lady.

Sunday decided to do the Big Waters circuit and chatted to Howdon Blogger in the hide but sightings again poor. Finished on the Carr but light was poor and hay cutting in progress so little other than some Kestrel battles to observe. Got home to find I'd missed an Osprey at Big Waters by an hour or so.............argh. Go on and have a look at his pics.

Many signs of things to come with some dead or moribund Bees on flower heads and turning leaves.


  1. Peter,

    sorry you missed it mate, we were willing for it to come down for a carp but alas it didnt. By the way todays Tuesday and yesterday was Monday. No wonder you had a blank weekend if you missed a day out.