Friday, 12 August 2011


The deluge has ended however it's just so dull and Grey Heron on a grey background doesn't help but almost a good silhouette.

Down at Newburn for the umpteenth time I managed to flush the Kingfisher before I could manage to get a shot. Mallards were far more obliging.

Can't even be bothered to wake up but a wary eye was kept.

This young Dunnock doesn't look like he's enjoying the weather and his waterproofs look distinctly unfinished.

At Prestwick Carr the water levels are still rising and the Ruff have departed for sunny climes but one Greenshank is still about although I've yet to find it on the ground.


  1. Peter,

    The Ruffs were there at 07.20 on Friday morning when I left, I counted 11 although they were in the long grass off and on so suspect there were more.


  2. The little buggers. I was down three times on Friday and never caught them