Monday, 8 August 2011

Come on down..

..all you passing waders. Prestwick Carr is flooding and just raring to do its stint so keep your wits about you I thought and get out on shank's pony to find them. I did and what was my reward for two days wading? Hundreds of Gulls, Pigeons and 11 Mallard although the 100 plus Goldfinch feeding on Thistles around this bush was nice to see

I think I offended the Lesser black backed Gull on the header as it followed me, circling overhead calling for a good twenty minutes as I walked from the golf course up to the sentry box on the range. I was waiting for an attack on my balding pate but fortunately it never came.

So with the ditches full, the trusts 8m bridge within 8 inches of getting wet and the horse paddocks pooled nicely I await some additions to my currently stagnant list. Not that I may see them as the grass is long and there is little bare earth so if I could have the longer legged variety it would help thanks.

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