Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Killingworth Coot

I found this colour ringed bird at Killingworth Lake last Wednesday. It's from a ringing project in the North West run by Kane Brides and was ringed at Southport Marine Lake (ah memories of drunken sailing at the Southport 24hr race) on December 20th 2010 and was still there 8 days later. It was found at Killingworth by Andy Rickeard who runs the Swan ringing project in this area on 14th June and by me on 10th August. That's 233 days old for GR25454 and a movement of some 11o miles. He's recovered one other bird in this area so maybe there's movement on the prevailing wind?

No other pictures as I was taking shots of a building yesterday and still had the wrong lens and set up when I came across two Greenshank at Banks Pond and worse still my first ever Fritillery on the Carr which disappeared over the hedge moments after I got off one shot from which identification is at best, difficult. Bugger

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