Saturday, 6 August 2011

Memories of sun

Here I sit looking at the rain drops running down the window and thinking of all the household chores I should be getting on with when only yesterday it was glorious sunshine and you couldn't have kept me indoors if you tried.

A trip to Newburn produced little in the bird line other than a couple of calling Little Owl young and further along the Tyne at Clara Vale there was possibly another one calling but more obvious were the Dragonflies and Butterflies. This nice female Southern Hawker was particularly obliging.

My first Comma of the year was nice although the wing shape was further indented by some damage.

Three Speckled Woods fluttered around the woodland edge but were not so keen on posing. A similar problem occured with a number of Wall Browns both here and at Prestwick Carr where there were plenty of Butterflies but nothing quite so exotic as in the deep south.


  1. A handsome dragonfly. Some well pecked butterflies around here too.

  2. That looks more like an apostrophe than a comma.