Sunday, 18 December 2011


Threw back the curtains yesterday morning to find the hedge in front of my house jam packed full of Blackbirds. The harsh frost will have driven them in toward the village from the open country where they have been much in evidence along with Fieldfare and Redwing.
The berries on the bushes though are now getting thin on the ground no doubt the next move is into gardens. I noticed on Friday night that the blackbirds struggled to find a roost in my three pine trees as they were jam packed full of Starlings. This resulted in some squabbles in the dark.
Yesterday mornings count was un-eventful other than a couple of chaps up from Teesmouth bird club up for the owls which duly obliged for some moving pictures although the Shrike couldn't be found (see Ray Scots pictures from Thursday on the same forum). I eventually met a bloke of my walk home who had it in his scope in hedgerows close to the main road. Another two hundred yards east and its a garden tick! No that's too much to hope although I know one of the owls perched on a neighbours fence next door to the White Swan pub.

A bit of good sunlight found the Willow Tits on their usual forage. I always like seeing these birds normally after being scolded by them for being on their patch.

Fieldfares remain elusive photographic subjects so a rear view in late evening sun is the best I got. Mums birthday tomorrow which always kick starts my Christmas frenzy.

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  1. I noticed a sudden influx of Blackbirds over the weekend. I had ten at the same time in our modest Cramlington garden on Sunday. Interestingly, they were all males.