Sunday, 25 December 2011

It really feels a lot like..........

any other day of the week. It doesn't even feel like a Sunday. Grumpy old birder coming out in me as I prepare for the onslaught that is Christmas day. Oh to be young again with the innocence that the lack of worldly knowledge carries with it. Of course that would mean I wouldn't be able to do the two bumper crosswords I've got lined up to help me survive the afternoons 'festivities'. My Christmas present came early as I opened my tin of basic fruit cocktail to find fourteen halves of cherries rather than the usual measly three. There will be no others as for the second year we (the family) agreed not to exchange same to avoid the pre Christmas stress. I still don't think Dads forgiven us.
Anyway Christmas day didn't look too good as the sun rose around 8.50 but by 9.45 there was a brief glimpse of sunlight to enliven the murk which has been the standard for the last few days. Hence no photographs and no postings. Off then for a Christmas day count which struggled to find much of interest other than a Treecreeper which shot past at a speed to belie its name. Most other things were as normal in the wind. Good numbers of Fieldfare and Starlings, a steady stream of gulls heading inland and the usual flock if tits working their way along the bumpy road.

Old whitey the Buzzard was in his usual spot

and the Shrike was where I left him at 3.30 yesterday. Shortly after this he flew off east only to disappear in mid flight as is his habit. Nice to get a Shrike for Christmas though. Did I mention it was Christmas Day? Oh all right then.............have a good one.

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