Friday, 30 December 2011

Blown away?

I got an e mail from AJJ Thursday evening asking if I'd seen the Shrike at Prestwick Carr that day as he had one near his patch at Big Waters. Unfortunately given that it had been blowin a hoolie for two days I hadn't seen the bird since Tuesday not that I'd passed the threshold of Casa delapidato in that time. So a possible two Shrikes or had the original just be blown 3km east. Today I was out at nine and two hours search produced Buzzards and Kestrels but no Shrike. Checked the bridle track to where the bird was seen on Thursday at E but no joy. Then back to find MH had seen the bird near Fox Covert Plantation at F and then whilst chatting to Marie the bird pitched up in the tree right next to us at C.
So did our star have a deliberate or accidental sojourn. Originally found at A it prefered B in the early days and the furthest east it had been seen was when it was photographed by Morgan at D. More recently it has preferred the area north and east of C where it returned to this afternoon.

Elsewhere the Buzzard and Magpies weren't speaking and I was eventually forced back to my shack by the rain. Out sharp tomorrow for the last of the year.

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