Thursday, 29 December 2011

Looking back

It's been windy since Christmas Day and none of that has to do with excessive amounts of Turkey. More depressing is the dullness that is preventing me getting any shots to lighten my festive mood. The Shorties flew well on Boxing Day and the Shrike performed like a good un but I got little return from the few pictures I took. Anyway, I've been sorting through this years efforts and I really don't need any more shots of Owls.
My computer is a good few gigs emptier and I've even managed to unearth some shots from summer that could be saved. I remember the days when I was warm with fondness and hope they return quickly.

I think one of resolutions for the New Year will be to sit down and try to produce the images I can't achieve by camera with pencil, paint and paper. Now there's a challenge!

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