Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Sand, seaweed and coal

The preferred ground for the Desert Wheatear at Newbiggin. Yes I know everybody's been but it would be rude not to and with a pressing job to finish at Blyth it wasn't hard to arrange a minor overshoot up the A19.

V gave me directions in the car park and I guided a couple of chaps from the west of England to Beacon Point. I told them it was half a mile and quickly realised how my sense of distance was not really working in the enthusiasm to get there. A mile later and we came upon a chap on the beach with a scope and there in front of him the target................simpllz
And the little beauty proceeded to pose. On the sand next to a size 12 footprint for scale.

on the seaweed

and with flotsam, jetsom and coal residue.

I mean you didn't really need the scope as Vipers found out.

What a cracker (the bird not Vipers).


  1. Well done!! That's 2 in a row without insulting anyone!

  2. I suggest you read back through my previous posts St Tosser

  3. St Tosser? You're very grown up aren't you!
    Did you not see me at Prestwick Carr on Saturday? I saw you!!