Friday, 2 December 2011

All out Shrike

Yes shoot the bastards in front of their families. I have no sympathy with the pathetic employed. Get out and do it yourself tossers.

Meanwhile at Prestwick Carr the Great Grey Shrike was showing well this afternoon along with 5-7 Short-eared Owls.
I off course, hampered by my self employed lifestyle, got distant but pleasurable views. There are however some excellent images being taken. Morgan was a bit downbeat about his close encounter but I have no GROUSE with his images!
And 'old' Sedgy Warbler put me onto this chap. Great shots.

I got up to Cresswell earlier today and was amused by this Pheasant. Is this a Pheasant diner or dinner?


  1. Excuse me sir, that is spelt "AWLD"

  2. I had to join your blog because I am so outraged by your misguided opinion of those who are employed. I find your comments highly offensive, and not in the style of Jeremy Clarkson, which were obviously said in jest and I found very funny.
    The fact that you've taken the time to write that you would shoot employed people in front of their families really says a lot about the type of person you are. Perhaps you should think before you write as the majority of people who enable you to be self employed are themselves employed and I would imagine that a lot of visitors to Prestwick Carr are also the employed, like me. If your blog is an attempt to educate and encourage others to visit and enjoy Prestwick Carr and the surrounding area, you are doing a terrible job, I certainly hope that as part of your self employed status visitor relations is not part of your job.
    I will continue to go to Prestwick Carr and perhaps by the next time I’m there I will have calmed down and will be able to continue the debate face to face!

  3. What a pathetic person you must be!! Is that the most intelligent answer you can come up with, and I'm the tosser?
    I will see you at Prestwick Carr!!

  4. Spoiled a usually interesting blog by making an absolute arsehole of yourself. With a very large chip on your shoulder as well. Sad lonely old wanker. And no wonder really is it.

  5. Yes thank you for your comments, Very accurate but my third most successful blog in numbers. There's many sadder than I.