Wednesday, 30 November 2011


That's 111 to you non cricket lovers. Two White fronted Geese in amongst the Beans mind you it took some time to find them and don't bother scanning these photo's because they're not in em. Well, I don't think they are.
Not quite the spectacular view one would wish but shouldn't complain. If you'd told me I'd get one Bean Goose en patch at the beginning of the year I'd have been sceptical. Numbers reported have varied from seven to seventeen and that's probably because they wander in and out of the local Tundra and must feel quite at home.

When I did find the two Whitefronts they were hunkered down in the middle of the field away from the main group of Beans. Now if only wind and man could only contrive to drive the two Barnacle Geese at Big Waters my way oh and the Bewicks now at Arcot would be nice...........reminds me I must circulate my Christmas present list.


  1. Peter,
    Check out this guys posting for yesterday Thursday. Some good images.

  2. Good work. It is vital to record places places such as the Carr. However, what very happened to the once common English useage 'crouched down'?

  3. My english can not be called good but on self analysis I would use crouched to imply a stooping, forward motion and likely short term sneaking habit but and hunkered a bent leg straight back lowering and longer term, possibly more cosy, squat.