Monday, 7 November 2011

Loads of geese but non to count

It's been out first and last over the weekend to try and catch any roosting Geese. Loads overhead. 22 Pink foot Saturday morning and 300+ in three skeins Saturday evening but the photos were less than interesting compared to the sky.
One dog walker who had seen me morning and evening suggested I was living rough en patch. May as well but it would be a trifle cold! Mmmmmmmmmm cold trifle sounds nice.

Sunday much the same as Saturday apart from two Greylag out of roost and a trip up the coast. Lots of Owls on my return which is becoming usual and a nice big bird on Saturday.

Bookend owls to finish which I promised Alan I wouldn't post. Also the first shot of Owl in sunset......but I did screw up most of my shots of owls squabbling earlier in the evening!

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  1. Lovely atmospheric shots. Must get up there again soon.