Friday, 11 November 2011

A hard days work

There I was, awake since 5.30 and out since 7.00 joined by ADMc shortly afterwards waiting for GGS to show. Two hours later nothing and my time had run out. Back to work as Andy headed up the coast. Sorted the paperwork and checked the web. GREAT GREY SHRIKE PRESTWICK CARR 10.00 d,d,b,h! Did two hours work (waiting for camera battery to re-charge) and back down to see said Shrike. Was seen distantly but not by me. Back to work........ three meetings in Ponteland and light was fading. Back to the Carr. Yes everybody had seen the bird today but not me. SPP had put in an excellent five hour stint and been rewarded by some good views very well deserved. Captain Morgan Hook had the owls in his sights but I needed a better view of the Shrike. Last moment there it was. Ahh relief.......a days lack of work rewarded
Even GMi had trumped my photographic attempts but I was happy. The evening ended with a pleasant chat with Harry and Ken as the sun set in a burning rage.

Oh, and the SEO's were up and about too

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