Sunday, 20 November 2011

Yellowshank revisited

Up at six for my webs count. Fruit for breakfast, filled the feeders and headed off down the A1. On exiting at Scotswood it was clear that any count was not to be had. The Tyne Valley was filled with fog. Abandoned any hope and headed up the coast. Hauxley at eight and Erics hide was heaving with birders as the Yellowlegs strutted its stuff below. I, in the Ponteland hide was a bit stinky but had good views as the bird disappeared up to toward the Wader hide. Spent the next hour watching a Kingfisher doing what the name suggests.

Changed my lens at good light and returned to the hide following an abortive attempt at photographing the Knot on the beach. There was the Yellowlegs. It flew in close to the hide and would you you believe it.........the Kingfisher perched at the same moment. Not wanting to be outdone by its American visitor

Shots were taken in the thirty seconds before it headed North, and the Yellowlegs, headed off South. East Chev and Cresswell were to be graced.

I followed the Yellowlegs and was rewarded with a Goose bonanza

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