Saturday, 26 November 2011

A sharp eye

Well this girl certainly has although not sharp enough for my liking.

She visited the garden yesterday but failed to get lunch and unfortunately the wind, shadow and sun made a mess of a good photo opportunity.
On another note I have been less than observant with one of my recent postings. On closer inspection the landing Shorty appears to be ringed.

Many people have asked me where the birds came from and I'm fairly convinced that at least some are from the British breeding population. They arrived early (26th August first solo sighting and 8th September first multiple) which is about a week or two before the coastal influx took hold. Additionally they initially behaved like a family party and one of the birds appeared to be a juvenile.

I've reached the limit of magnification for that image but perhaps one of you ringing chaps could comment whether it looks right for a BTO style ring.

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