Friday, 25 November 2011

Short tempered

Possibly birds from different families or just petty squabbles over food but tussles between Short eared Owls are a common sight most afternoons as their flight paths cross. Unfortunately capturing the action is not so easy. Good light means a better chance to stop the action but one minute they're up in the air and you're over exposed.
The next they're down near the ground and backlit causing under exposure. Of course I'm using my bigger manual lens but switching to the more modern autofocus doesn't seem to help much as the actions so quick I generally miss the action.
There is one bird in particular that seems to fly a lot in the daytime and is noticable in that P2 on the right wing is missing. ( see All in a Day ) Possibly a result of these scraps?

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  1. Fine series. A lot of hard work and experience paid off.