Wednesday, 9 November 2011

a GREAT end to a GREY day with a SHRIKE

There we were standing by a gate bemoaning the lack of birds. I had just been joined by MH and AA who had hunted the county for Harriers and Owls but drawn a blank. Their final shot for the day was the normally reliable, for Owls that is, Prestwick Carr. As BF also joined the party eagle eye MH(arrier) spotted something in the distance and as he got his scope on it exclaimed Great Grey Shrike. He generously let us all have a view and there it was. My first PC GG Shrike and 109 on this years list. I headed off down the road to get a bit closer and got this spectacular image. Good enough for pit work I reckon.
As I returned the Owls came out to play chasing and calling at each other. A large flock of around 250-300 Fieldfare came overhead and I managed one further distant view of the Shrike before it disappeared as a Kestrel flew past. City Birding joined the throng with his two daughters, Howdon Blogger and his good lady and we enjoyed the great grey owl display in the murk.

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  1. Superb patch tick Peter, just a shame it was so late in the day. Hope it's there for you in the morning perhaps to give you better sightings.