Friday, 4 November 2011

Short show

After two weeks of mainly nocturnal activity the last two nights has seen some early action. Tonight two SEO's were up at 15.10 and three at 15.45 but of course the sun disappeared behind a cloud and they stayed at the far side of the field. These shots were taken last night in almost total gloom but I live in hope. Still six to eight in darkness at 16.45 is still a pleasure as it was last night as well and also to meet an old workmate and his partner.

This weekend is Goose count and I was optimistic of actually counting something when 90 or so flew in from Big Waters. They made loads of noise and promptly made an about turn and headed off toward Blagdon. Oh well. Up early for some more owl stalking.

1 comment:

  1. Peter, there was 130+ Greylag and 2 Barnacle at Big Waters at 3pm yesterday (Friday) although a sizeable chunk of them left about 4 and headed North Easterly and didnt seem to alter course.