Saturday, 10 December 2011


Work, wind and willpower (or a lack of it) have all contrived to make the latter part of the week short on photo's so headed out early on Friday afternoon in bright sunlight in the hope of some Short-eared photos. They didn't appear to hunt on Thursday due to the wind so I'm sure they were a bit peckish. After an hours wait and a fruitless hunt for the Shrike with Morgan, the birds appeared and put on a splendid show. At one stage I had six in vision immediately in front with at least three others to my right and behind.
Never quite close enough of course but I've been experimenting with a noise re-duction plug in for Photoshop which has produced some reasonable results.

On the way home one bird perched in my favourite dead tree. It was very dark with a little latent glow from the sun so ISO 3200 was employed.

Not a shot for enlargement but it cleaned up quite nicely. Here's the link for the Neat Image software.

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