Sunday, 28 October 2012

Another moonshot

Under a waning moon Robin showed for a few moments before dropping down to roost last night. Little poser.
I have spent some time over the last few days trying to find an unusual Redpoll amongst the flock still present. This one looked a bit paler than normal but size wise was no bigger than normal and a chunky beak to boot.
Friday night and a plane avoids flying into the gathering tumult to the East which brought snowfall overnight. People now seem to remark that this is early snow but when ah was a lad I remember there was nearly always a flurry before bonna night and I remember a couple where there was snow on the ground.
Redwings and Fieldfares present in good numbers although still flighty with around 20m being their comfort zone. When the weather harshens that will drop significantly and hopefully better pictures will be had.


  1. Looks fine for Mealy to me Peter, nice white wingbars and lacking the buffy tones of Lesser.

  2. Thanks Alan. Was kinda hoping so and another for the patch list