Thursday, 4 October 2012


Quiet on the Carr the last few nights so the camera got pointed on the flood.
I say quiet but the backing track is one of squabbling Black headed Gulls, mewing Lapwings, mournful Curlews and the occasional Golden Plover and Snipe.
The last day has seen the watre level begin to drop in earnest however it's still too deep to get up the range bridleway which stopped Graeme and I getting close up to a Bar tailed Godwit that seems to be moving with the Curlew flock.
Two Ruff and a Black tailed Godwit remain but it looks like we're past the peak of wader passage and additions look unlikely although the flocks of Lapwing, Plover and Geese are likely to grow. Swallows are still around but mainly passage birds and I await the first winter Thrush on one of these chilly mornings.

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