Monday, 15 October 2012


Out sharp for a Goose count but the only Icelandic birds were four immature Whooper Swans who flew off North when I arrived only to make a circuit of the Carr and return half an hour later where they were joined by two Mute Swans who didn't like the foriegn invaders but failed to shift them from their patch. Probably siblings now making their own way in the world. The goose count amounted to 19 Canada Geese and two Greylags over north.
Whilst I counted non existent geese two Kingfishers squabbled, chasing each other up and down the bridlepath. Too fast for me as I only managed to catch the backside of one. The afternoon was spent up the coast of which more later but I missed Blyths Reed Warbler as indeed it did by about four miles!
End of the weekend after Sunday morning webs and the Little Gull was still about easily found as most of the Black headed Gull had gone although way too far off for a decent photograph.
I was in stealth mode and not even the Deer could hear me coming although they listened intently.....
and the Shortie slept through my entire visit although I suspect that's all it does as I've yet to see any concerted hunting.

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