Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Unusually large flocks of Redpoll still remain on Prestwick Carr. Groups of thirty to fifty birds can be found at various locations and have been for over two weeks now which compares to my usual record of half a dozen flushed from a roadside one morning. I can't explain the reason. Possibly a good breeding season or a continental influx. I've tried to find a Mealy or Arctic without success although getting close is an issue as they are pretty flighty.
The 2 Ruff and the Little Gull remain being found most mornings and evenings currently preferring the fence lines in the middle of the horse paddocks north of Mayfair Cottage. Sunday saw a small flock of 16 Barnacle Geese circle and land only to depart leaving one of their party to overnight. Monday evening saw a large movement of Pink footed Geese over with four of five skeins totaling 250+ birds all moving south west. A small Greylag flock of 100 spend the nights on what remains of the flood before flying back to Big Waters for their day job and the up to 150 Lapwings and 26 Curlew provide the soundtrack.
The garden is also busy with numerous finches and tits joined on Monday by this nice male Blackcap and a couple of Tree Sparrows. I keep checking my Collared Doves for signs of turning Turtle as it was a year tomorrow that one showed up at Big Waters therefore you may find me skulking in the Brunswick sports field car park over the next few days!

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