Friday, 19 October 2012

It's that time of year

and the creatures of the night are awake quite early to get in a bit of fly catching before the sun goes down. The last two nights have seen Bats flying over the water on the Carr. Initially last night I thought I had a Swallow in view but the wing shape and flight were quite obviously a Bat and being big and crepuscular almost certainly a Noctule.
Tonight three hunted over the flash water north of Mayfair Cottage and I managed some 'better than last night' photos. I think the wedge tail and size are diagnostic.
They appear most years but its the first time I've seen more than one and certainly the best photo op. According to the book they will hibernate any time now so may not even see Halloween. The Little Gull was still present and hundreds of finches which have attracted the attention of a pair of Sparrowhawks who were pretty actively hunting them and the Snipe last night.
And so the sun sets on another day. I hope it's not so foggy tomorrow morning which would cramp the start of another birding day................I really should get some work done though


  1. Great shots of the Bat Peter. I hope to be there tomorrow sometime so hope the fog buggers off early also as like Robinson Crusoe (and not like Peter) I have all my work done by Friday.