Sunday, 21 October 2012

rambling with a B?

Another in a long line of crap photo's but worth it. Taken yesterday morning as I was trying to find an unusual looking Redpoll I spotted this bird and on instinct rattled off a couple of shots. Bugger......I had underexposed the camera settings for taking shots of the Redpoll atop a bush in the strong sunlight and now shooting into the bush a black mess but for some reason I kept the shot. Back home and some Photoshop enhancement and blow me if it isn't a female Brambling or is it just a Spuggie? Number 119 going by the mottling to the side of the breast and the small wing bars.
For those star gazers amongst you my handy Meteor shower App tells me to look out for the Orionids radiating from within the constellation of Orion in the north sky tonight and tomorrow night as we pass through the dusty tail of Halleys Comet. Should be 20-30 yellow and green meteors at up to 20 per hour assuming the sky is clear and I'm not too pissed!

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