Sunday, 27 January 2013

A bird in the hand..... worth food in the mush. Met a Wren (Chris) feeding a Robin yesterday afternoon. This little chap is straight onto you when you get past the flagpole on the bumpy road. The territory is between two gates and he will follow you even if you put food on the posts for 'him', as he seems to prefer taking food from the hand. He even landed on a neighbours arm and plucked at her jacket. My offerings up to now have been suet treats but thinking he may need some variation I headed off with a mix of sunflower hearts, seed and sultanas. Of course he had already been fed mealworms and turned his beak up at the basic offering. The post where I leave food had also been usurped with Willow Tit, Great Tit and Dunnock all benefitting. Other Robins in the area are more cautious and whilst getting close won't make that leap of faith and probably a good thing too. Indeed the Robin across the road ignores all offerings preferring the unseen bounty that lies on top of the ice in the frozen ditches.
These are now beginning to thaw and a brief sighting proved the Barn Owl had survived the tumult and was hunting the area where HP feeds his ducks. I then waited for an hour and a half in beautiful sunshine for another sighting but none came. At one stage it was almost balmy but as the sun set and the wind gained strength the chill returned. Just to spite me, the momment the sun had reached the clouded horizon out came a Short eared Owl.
After a short flight or two it perched up and eventually the cold got through me and I returned home  leaving it to an evenings hunting.

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