Saturday, 12 January 2013

Scandinavians in Amble

After a largely unsuccesful morning on the Carr where the weather tempted me out only to unleash it's wintry force as soon as I was as at the farthest point of my wander I retreated and spent half an hour studying the graffitti in the range sentry box. Then delivery duty for the folks and off up the coast for a spot of lunch at Amble. Unable to afford re-mortgaging my home for a portion of fish and chips I settled down in the car park with a small sausage (well it was cold)...........and chips. Firstly I spotted this well marked Nordic Jackdaw C.m. monedula with the trademark white collar although be careful not to confuse with the sheen that can be produced by our resident C.m.spermologus. Try this link to know more
Then just as my fingers were nice and oily a familiar bird caught my eye. Well I didn't know I knew him till I had moved the car to a better position and taken a few photo's to reveal Black headed Gull J72J which I first saw in 2010 but has been reported there regularly since arriving in the country having been ringed as a three year old + in Trondheim Norway on 5th April 2005. He knows the Amble routine and after a few momments followed the crowd of gulls chasing folk more generous than I with their lunch. He likely returns to Norway for breeding having been seen there in April last year, a mere 1124km trip to get jiggy with it! Thanks to Morten who returns ringing information so quickly the blog was out of date momments after I published.
Just a Commoner with no known scandinavian roots.

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